Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability At Kohl’s

Kohl’s is committed to protecting and conserving the environment by seeking solutions that encourage long-term sustainability. The steps we take – both big and small – ensure that we conserve the environment for the families of tomorrow. Discover how we drive results through sustainability by reading Kohl’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.    

Reducing Our Footprint

Kohl’s strives to reduce its footprint through partnerships, innovative strategies and established programs including LEED Building Design and Construction, renewable energy, waste reduction, water conservation and sustainable transportation. You can find details on these efforts and much more in our 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. 

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Recycle Plastic Bags & Hangers with Kohl’s

Kohl’s recycles approximately 150,000 tons of materials each year, over 80 percent of all waste generated. We want to make it easier for our customers to recycle as well.  Shoppers can find a bright, green box at every Kohl’s store. Drop your plastic bags, shipping envelopes, air pillows and product wrap here on your next trip to Kohl’s and we’ll make sure they are taken care of. Customers may also bring our hangers back to the store anytime, for recycling and reuse.  To further help this cause, our shopping bags are made out of recycled plastic – resulting in the gray colored bag you receive when you shop our stores. Learn more about our recycling efforts in our 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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