Corporate Responsibility

Reducing Our Footprint

Kohl’s strives to reduce its footprint through partnerships, innovative strategies and established programs including LEED Building Design and Construction, renewable energy, waste reduction, water conservation and sustainable transportation. You can find details on these efforts and much more in our

2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report 

LEEDing the Way in Building Design & Maintenance

Kohl’s provides healthy and engaging environments for our customers, Associates and communities through our more than 1,100 stores, distribution facilities and corporate offices. As part of these efforts, we are invested in building and maintaining energy efficient, sustainable buildings. We use the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™ (LEED®) green building program rating systems to guide the design, construction and operation of our stores. Currently 492 Kohl’s locations are LEED certified. More information can be found here. 

Building Design & Construction

Over 140 Kohl’s stores have been built according to the LEED® Building Design and Construction retail rating system. We use LEED standards as a benchmark for new store constructions and existing buildings so we can continually improve the environmental performance of our more than 1,100 locations.  

Building Maintenance

We closely monitor air quality, consume water efficiently, and limit chemical exposure with green cleaning products to maintain efficient and environmentally responsible buildings. 

Sustainable Operations

In 2016, Newsweek ranked Kohl’s in the Top 100 Green Companies in the U.S. We carefully manage the energy used to light, heat and cool our stores and corporate buildings. By monitoring energy consumption and leveraging technology, we continue to reduce our energy footprint and drive bottom-line savings.  

Energy Star

Kohl's has the highest percentage of ENERGY STAR certified locations among retailers. We currently have 1,000 Energy Star certified stores, representing 87% of total Kohl’s stores. We have also received the Energy Star Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for the past five years.

Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind

With 163 solar arrays, we offset 50 megawatts of traditional electricity across the country and are one of the largest single hosts of solar electricity in North America. Our largest solar panel system in Edgewood, Maryland generates enough energy to supply 317 homes on an annual basis. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Customers and associates with electric vehicles are able to plug their vehicles into charging units at 90 different locations in 22 states. We also provide Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards at our customer service desk for customers to activate the charge stations. Charging is free for customers while they shop.  


Strategic Partnerships

Kohl’s forms strategic partnerships with key organizations that allow us to effectively promote environmental responsibility within our own operations as well within those along our supply chain. We are a founding member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an active member of the Business for Social Responsibility group and partner to the EPA's SmartWay Program.