Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Basics

Learn the basics on bridal shower etiquette.

Who typically throws a bridal shower?

Bridesmaids or the maid of honor traditionally throw a bridal shower. However, any friend of the bride or groom may offer to host. Family members such as mothers or sisters should usually avoid throwing the shower because it could seem overeager to some people. However, in some cases it may not be possible for others to host.

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When should the bridal shower take place?

Traditionally, a bridal shower would be hosted approximately six months to two weeks prior to the wedding. An exception may be if there are a large number of people attending the wedding from out of town. In this case, a shower might be scheduled to take place two to four days out. A shower can be held at any time of day the host/hostess desires. Examples include a morning coffee or brunch, lunch, a cocktail party or a dinner party.

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Where should a bridal shower take place?

The location of the shower should be based on the amount of people attending. If you are having a very large shower, consider renting a hall to comfortably fit all of the guests. However, as part of the etiquette, never ask people to pay for their meal at a shower. Make sure it's in your budget to cover the cost of having the shower at a restaurant. Also, if the guest list complies, a shower can be held at the home of the hostess. This works as a warm, relaxed location for people to gather.

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Who should be invited?

Usually, the bride and groom's immediate family including mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins and nieces are invited. Also, the female members of the wedding party and close female friends of both the bride and groom should be on the list of invitees. The guest list should be discussed with the bride to ensure that everyone she wants to attend, receives an invitation. Furthermore, couples' showers are becoming more popular, but keep in mind this can double the guest list.

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Should registry information be included in the invitations?

Nowadays, many hostesses include the store names where the bride and groom are registered in the invitations. This makes it much easier for everyone invited to know where and what to purchase the couple for their shower gift.

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Are gifts given at a bridal shower?

They sure are! One of the objectives of a bridal shower is to "shower" the bride with gifts as a way to help her start her new life with her husband. It's also a great opportunity for relatives and friends to spend time with each other and the bride in a relaxed, fun environment.

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