Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Games

Pick shower games that will keep the conversation flowing!

Wedding Word Scramble

This one is easy! Choose 10-20 words and scramble the letters of each word. Give the guests about 10 minutes to unscramble the words. Announce the answers and award a prize to the guest with the most words spelled correctly. Examples of words that can be used include bride, wedding, flowers, groom, church, reception, ring, etc.

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Bride-and-Groom Trivia

Simple and to the point! Write out 10-20 questions about the bride and groom with a selection of answers to choose from. Give guests about 10 minutes to answer the questions. Then, have the bride-to-be and/or groom-to-be give the correct answers. Guests will be amazed at what they learn! Some examples of questions include: Where did the couple meet?, Where was their first kiss?, How long have they been a couple?, etc.

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Pin the Veil on the Bride

An old favorite! This game is just like when you were younger and played pin the tail on the donkey - with a twist. First, draw a profile of a bride and hang it up. Next, make a pretty bridal veil and have something to serve as a blindfold on hand. Blindfold each guest when it's time for their turn. The person who pins the veil to the correct spot can be awarded a prize.

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How Well Does She Know Him?

This is a fun one! Before the shower, have someone secretly ask the groom-to-be an assortment of questions that the bride-to-be will be asked during the shower. See which answers she is able to match. For each question the bride-to-be gets correct, she receives a prize. For those she answers wrong, a guest's name is picked out of a hat and they receive the prize. Examples of some questions include: What is the groom's favorite food?, What is the groom's favorite color?, What is his middle name?

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Anyone's Guess

Keep 'em guessing! Fill a cute container with candy, recipes or anything having to do with a shower. Count the number of pieces you fill the container with. Ask each guest to guess how many pieces are in it by writing it down on a piece of paper. Whichever guest guesses the closest to the actual number, wins the cute container and its contents!

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This game is a riot! Divide guests into teams depending on the number of overall attendees. Each group receives a roll of white toilet paper and are given an allotted amount of time to design a wedding dress out of the toilet paper. Each team chooses a "bride" for the group, then proceeds to wrap the "bride" and create a dress. Once, the bridal gowns are complete, the bride from each team models their creation in front of everyone. The bride-to-be then chooses the gown in which she would be most likely to wear. A prize can then be awarded to the chosen bride and her design team!

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