Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Themes

Shower Her with a Distinctive Theme to Fit Her Personality!

Kitchen Shower

Ask each guest to bring an item to help stock the bride-to-be's kitchen. Some possible gifts include bakeware items, utensils, small electrics, kitchen towels, cookbooks, etc.

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Around the Clock Shower

Guests are assigned a "time," such as breakfast time or bath time. Their gifts should correspond with the given times such as coffee mugs or a coffee maker for breakfast time. Bath time gifts might inlcude towels, bathroom accessories or bath and body items.

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Alphabet Shower

Each guest is given a letter of the alphabet and the gift they bring should start with that letter.

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Pamper-the-Bride Shower

This could take place at a spa or at home and could include gifts such as bath and body items, makeup, lingerie, gift certificates, etc.

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Month-of-the-Year Shower

Each guest is assigned a month and the gift should correspond with that month. This is also a chance for the couple to receive decorations for various holidays.

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Lingerie Shower

Each guest brings an article of clothing that is associated with lingerie. The guest can make it humorous if they would like, depending on the bride-to-be!

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Stock-the-Bar Shower

This theme is especially nice for coed showers, which are growing in popularity. Gifts to the couple may include martini glasses, wine or liquor, barware, etc.

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Christmas Ornament Shower

Each guest can attach an ornament to their gift so the couple will have decorations for their first Christmas tree as a married couple.

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