Event Information



What do I need to know about the event date and shipping state?

Your event date (month, date and year) and shipping state are required fields to help your guests easily find your registry. Your guests will search by entering your name. They can narrow their search with your event month and year and your shipping state.

If you're getting a head start on registering and have not yet chosen an event date, enter an approximate event date and/or shipping state. If this information changes as you continue to plan for your big day, you can update your registry under the "Manage My Registry" field. Once you sign in, you can quickly and easily update your event date and/or shipping state, as well as any other information that may have changed.

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How do I edit my event information?

To edit your event information, log in to your registry and click on "Edit Registry." You can then select the field you want to modify and enter the new information.

Your registry will be available to you and your guests for 13 months after your event.

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