Shipping Address



What do I need to know about entering a shipping address?

We encourage you to enter a shipping address so your guests can ship gifts to you! You can select an address you've already entered or create a new address. This allows guests the option to ship gifts directly to you without seeing your specific address. Plus, your guests won't need to request a gift receipt because we'll automatically include one.

The state you choose for your shipping address is also the state your guests can use when searching for your registry.

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How do I make my registry available to my guests online?

To make your registry available to your guests, we recommend you choose "Display registry at and at a Kohl's kiosk." This will allow your guests to purchase from your registry whether they live next door or across the country.

If you don't select "Display registry at and at a Kohl's kiosk," your guests will not be able to view your registry. You will be the only one who is able to view your registry when you're logged in to your shopping account.

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How do I edit my shipping address?

There are three ways to change a shipping address:

  1. Select an existing address from your drop-down address book to use as your new shipping address.
  2. Select an existing address, but change the information we have on file for that address.

    Note: This will change the address everywhere you use it. If you use this shipping address for your contact address, the change will be made there as well.

  3. Add a new address.

If you choose to add a new address, make sure to provide a unique, descriptive name in the address label field. Make sure it accurately represents the location, i.e. "Mary's Apartment" or "Tom & Mary's House," and is within the 20-character limit.

If you'd prefer your guests not ship gifts to you, select "Do Not Ship" from the drop-down menu.

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