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Bar Basics

If you plan to spend a lot of your post-wedding life entertaining friends and family at your new home, a well-stocked bar is one of the keys to a successful party.

Any serviceable (and respectable) bar needs some basic hardware. Register for these bar basics, and you'll be ready to party!

(And here's an extra little tip: For glasses, it's a good rule of thumb to register for a few more than you normally use to entertain. That way, you'll still have a complete set when you accidentally break one or two!)


Bar Tools


If you're a fan of theme parties, your bar is a great place to start. You can change your napkins to suit your theme, or toss in a favor to add a little spark. For example, for the holidays, tie festive ribbon around your glasses, or drape garland along the bar itself. Celebrate the Fourth of July with red, white and blue party napkins, and add a miniature American flag to each drink. Throwing a luau? Substitute pineapple for the traditional orange slices. Your entertaining is a reflection of your personality, so be creative.

Your guests will thank you for it.

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