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You know the feeling. Easing back in your seat, thoughts drifting from your tan to piņa coladas, to not working for a week or two. Camera's in the carry-on. Plenty of underwear packed. Nothin' but blue skies ahead. Suddenly, like an uninvited guest rapping on your door late at night, a voice within cries I-feel-like-I-forgot-something. Just a nagging inkling, right? Sure, if the plane will turn around so you can grab the traveler's checks off the kitchen counter!

All scary scenarios aside, who doesn't want to feel totally comfortable about their travel preparations? After all, it's a vacation, the time to leave your everyday worry-prone life in the rearview mirror. So, excited traveler, we're here to help you do just that. As your personal travel agent, we'll ensure you're as ready as possible for the well-deserved getaway.

So, Where ya Headed?
Travel Companions
Traveling is in the Bag
Luggage 101
Show your Packing Prowess
Wait! Before you leave...

So, Where Ya Headed?

For enchanted evenings along the beach? A breathtaking ocean cruise? Whatever your preferred destination, there are three things to do first: research, research and research. With enough solid research, you'll arrive feeling more comfortable, organized and prepared to enjoy the best of what your chosen location has to offer. Been there before? Hey, it never hurts to refresh. Besides, important details may have changed.

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Travel Companions

OK. You know where you're going. Even when! Now you consider which items will accompany you on the journey, usually followed with the sigh, I just know I'm going to forget something. Enter the "basics" checklist.






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Traveling is in the Bag!

When was the last time you selected a travel bag? Seven
years ago? That's how often most people purchase luggage, but the big luggage companies market new collections about every two years. And, as you're aware, selecting luggage is not like selecting a T-shirt.

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Luggage 101

Ironing out the meanings of those pesky bag names!

Carry-on - Can be various bags in various shapes and sizes, all of which are intended to be carried onto an airplane and measure small enough to fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.

Cosmetic Case or Vanity - Small case with a mirror and compartments to hold cosmetics. It usually has a spill-resistant interior. Composed of hard or soft sides.

Garment Bag - Soft vertical bag with interior bar and hangers for garments and outside pockets for other apparel. Can be folded lengthwise in half or thirds and fastened.

Overnight Bag - Traditionally a small, rectangular suitcase, it's now any piece of luggage large enough to carry apparel and necessities for an overnight stay.

Suiter - Today, this term usually refers to a built-in compartment in another bag, such as an upright, that holds two to four suits. It has hangers and suit-folding frames.

Upright - Also known as the pullman. A standard large suitcase-style case, this rectangular piece of luggage generally measures 24" to 27" wide with interior compartments. It may be hard or soft, feature wheels for easy movement and a telescoping handle on the opposite end for pulling the case behind you.

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Show Your Packing Prowess!

Let's face it: packing can be stressful, taking some of the fun out of traveling. Bypass that headache by simply starting at least a week early. The tips below will help. In fact, you'll be a world champion bag stuffer with virtually wrinkle-free clothes in no time!

First things first.

Get the Party Started!

Peace of mind.

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Wait! Before you leave...

Your ticket's in hand and one foot's out the door. News flash: Jet lag and an untidy house make a lousy combo! Instead, make coming home relaxing and enjoyable by just doing a little housework.

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