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Care & Longevity

Follow these guidelines before hanging to make your window treatments look stunning:

  • First, iron the treatment with a steam iron filled with distilled water. This type of water does not stain fabric. Use spray starch to add body to the fabric.
  • For tailored treatments, such as drapery panels and sheers, place the rod into the rod pocket and straighten to achieve a smooth appearance.
  • For gathered or full treatments, place the rod into the rod pocket and adjust, creating a gathered and shirred look.

Temperature, humidity, frequent opening and closing, and dust are all factors when it comes to the longevity of your window treatments. When properly cared for, window treatments will be a lasting investment. Here are some general guidelines for cleaning them:

  • Always refer to the specific care instructions for each window treatment. Generally, dry cleaning is the best option for most treatments.
  • In between cleanings, dust with a soft bristle brush or a lint roller.
  • To store and protect from dust, tuck treatments in a breathable covering away from light and moisture.