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Fabric Choice & Energy Efficiency

Fabric Choice

Depending on the vision you have for a certain room, you'll want to choose a window treatment fabric to complement this style. The type of fabric can affect the look you're trying to achieve just as much as the design.

Heavy Fabric

Heavy Fabrics

Can project a formal, sophisticated look. They will also create a darker, more subdued décor.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer Fabrics

Offer billowing, romantic style. This construction will also allow for a brighter room.

Lightweight Fabric

Lightweight Fabrics

Fabrics such as cotton add a casual look to your décor. This construction will also allow for some sunlight to peer through.

Energy-Efficient Designs

In addition to providing privacy, window treatments can also insulate your home, and absorb inside and outside noise. The thickness of a window treatment can help block out the cold or let a breeze flow in. Most window treatments are lined to provide energy-efficient use.

Windows with northern or eastern exposure should have treatments that retain warmth and provide insulation. Windows with southern or western exposure should have treatments that provide additional protection from the sunlight.

Thermaback Curtain