Kohl’s App Just Keeps Getting Better


New enhancements to the Kohl’s App bring added convenience for customers.

Customers can now make payments on their Kohl’s Charge within the Kohl’s App
Customers can now make payments on their Kohl’s Charge within the Kohl’s App

The Kohl’s App makes it easier than ever to shop at Kohl’s, but it’s so much more than a shopping app.  In addition to great features like storing all your offers and coupons, tracking Yes2You Rewards points and keeping track of Kohl’s Cash and gift cards in your digital wallet, several new tools have been added including:

  • Kohl’s Charge Concierge 
    Link your Kohl’s Charge to the app to check available credit, balance, statement due dates and billing information.
  • Pay Your Kohl’s Charge 
    You can also schedule payments on your Kohl’s Charge through the app. To sign up, customers can log in to their My Kohl’s Charge account (once), select their card and schedule a payment.
  • Price Scanner 
    Using Store Tools, you can scan any item at Kohl’s, apply any offer from your wallet and see your final price.

These latest enhancements to the Kohl’s App are part of Kohl’s commitment to delivering a seamless shopping experience, whether in store or digitally.  We’ve brought all the things customers love about Kohl’s into one easy to use app, saving them time and money.

Customers love the Kohl’s App. It’s been downloaded more than 19 million times since it launched and there have been nearly 2 million downloads so far this year.   An easier, more convenient shopping experience is just a download away.

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