Q&A with Greg Revelle, Kohl’s New Chief Marketing Officer


Greg Revelle Joins Kohl’s as New Chief Marketing Officer

Last month, Greg Revelle joined Kohl’s senior leadership team as our chief marketing officer. Prior to joining Kohl’s, Greg served as the chief marketing officer at Best Buy Co., Inc., where he led efforts to redefine the company’s brand positioning and customer strategy, championing a shift to digital and personalized customer communications and drove significant growth to the loyalty program. Read on to learn more about Greg.

You’ve been working in the retail sector for many years now, and previously the travel and automotive industries. What brought you to Kohl’s?

Retail is by far the most fast-moving and interesting sector today. It’s what I love most about the job but also what makes it the most challenging. As you look at the state of the industry, there’s no question companies need to transform to compete with what’s happening. There’s tremendous opportunity for Kohl’s to continue its huge transformation and success story. Kohl’s has what it takes to stand as the best-in-class retailer. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing team.

The marketing industry, like retail, is going through an evolution. What is your point of view on the power and importance of marketing in the future?

The rules of marketing are changing daily. In the past, a company could win simply with a good brand campaign. Today, it’s just not sufficient. Personalization and individualization is now what differentiates a company. You have to understand each customer in order to tailor an individual approach for that person. That way, you’re not just one thing to everybody but everything to one person. I think Kohl’s can do that better than anyone in the industry today.

How do you plan to lead the marketing team through this dynamic and evolving retail environment?

The importance of teamwork is unparalleled. I've already seen Kohl’s teams across the organization coming together with a unified plan and strategy, and that is what wins. In my role, it’s particularly important that I do whatever I can to foster that collaboration and bring great teams together.

Kohl’s is all about the family. What do you like to do during your free time?

I spend time with my wife and two children, who love sports. We spend our time going from activity to activity on the weekends and love spending time on the water.

Read Greg’s announcement on Kohl’s press room.