Refresh Your Workout Routine for Spring With Alicia Archer


Kohl’s Active & Wellness ambassador, Alicia Archer, shares her favorite tips for working on flexibility every day.

As a destination for Active & Wellness, Kohl’s partners with top fitness experts to inspire customers to live their best lives through a healthy lifestyle. Kohl’s recently caught up with Alicia Archer, Kohl’s Active & Wellness ambassador and fitness instructor, to get her tips on easy ways to improve flexibility each day. 

With such busy schedules, finding time to work out and stretch isn’t always possible. Do you have any tips for staying flexible as people go about their day?
We’re all so busy and finding time to work out can be challenging. Remember to walk around throughout the day to keep muscles loose. If you spend a lot of your day sitting, you can do hip stretches in your chair, or use a table or desk for shoulder and back stretches. Also, try standing during daily activities, such as while you work or when folding laundry to increase movement, especially in your hips.

So many people are constantly on the go - at work, running errands, chasing kids and more. What tips would you give to people after a long day of being on their feet?
Keeping your feet stretched is important and can help prevent injuries. Foot exercises using a ball helps to articulate the arches of your feet. Just roll a ball under your foot - starting from your toes, to your arches, to your heel and back. Also, having good balance is important for many activities we do every day, such as walking and going up and down the stairs. I recommend increasing your balance with exercises like standing on one leg.

What are some health benefits of incorporating flexibility exercises into your daily routine?Incorporating flexibility exercises into your daily routine has so many health benefits. Working on flexibility helps to increase circulation and enables the body to absorb water better into muscular tissue. It can improve overall health and help any area of fitness that you are focused on. It's also a great way to prevent injury during your workouts or just day-to-day activities!

What advice would you give someone who is just beginning to work on their flexibility?
A little bit every day counts - don't overlook the small work! 

Do you have any favorite products that supplement your flexibility exercises?
There are so many great products to improve flexibility, no matter which part of your body you are targeting. I recommend the mini Gaiam roller, resistance bands, light hand weights and blocks from Kohl’s as great tools to help you stretch before a workout and improve flexibility.

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