Why are Kohl’s Store Associates Wearing Festive Holiday Pins? Rachel Morgan, Kohl’s Store Manager, Has the Answer!

Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store team, led by Store Manager Rachel Morgan
Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store team, led by Store Manager Rachel Morgan

Rachel discusses how Kohl’s store associates pinpoint greatness through Kohl’s Holiday Share The Flair Program

Through Kohl’s Holiday Share the Flair Program, store associates are getting in the holiday spirit by giving and wearing festive holiday-themed flair pins in recognition of a job well done.

We sat down with Rachel Morgan, store manager of Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store in Houston, Texas, to discuss how a small recognition, like giving a holiday flair pin, can go a long way.

How do store associates spread holiday cheer through Kohl’s Holiday Share the Flair program?

Kohl’s associates recognize and reward each other for going above and beyond to put our customers first with a Kohl’s flair pin. Associates who receive Kohl’s flair pins are encouraged to wear them all season long to showcase their dedication to helping customers, and their fellow associates, win the holiday season. The team at Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store takes pride in their ability to wear it and share it – gifting an average of five flair pins per week.

In what ways has Kohl’s Holiday Share the Flair program positively impacted your team?

Associates at Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store have enjoyed more team camaraderie and, as a result, have increased store performance since kicking off Kohl’s Holiday Share the Flair program in November. They take pride in their ability to easily call out and celebrate each other’s achievements and the opportunity to drive the success of our store by doing more to deliver a great customer experience, often helping each other in the process.

What customer feedback have you received about Kohl’s flair pins?

Customers express their gratitude for taking time out of our busy days to recognize store associates who go above and beyond to make their shopping experience rewarding. I am frequently reminded that our customers choose Kohl’s because they receive a quick and seamless shopping experience as a result of the hard work and dedication our store associates exhibit every day, especially during our busy holiday season.

Can you spotlight a Kohl’s Westgate Marketplace store associate who received a flair pin this holiday season for going above and beyond?

Eric has received more than six flair pins from our store leadership team for delivering high-quality results and an incredible omnichannel shopping experience! He consistently puts our customers first, doing more than required of him to process online and buy online, pick up in store orders quickly and efficiently. Way to go Eric, you’re a rockstar.

What is your favorite flair pin and why?

My favorite flair pin is the Above and Beyond pin. This pin signifies that an associate felt empowered and took on additional responsibilities - like helping a colleague stock inventory or finding the holiday gifts on a customer’s wishlist - to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for our customers.