Jason and Colleen Wachob Go Offline With Kohl’s Associates


Jason and Colleen Wachob encouraged Kohl’s associates to focus on building their “wellth” accounts and shared top wellness trends

It is easy to think that health and wellness is only about eating healthy and living an active lifestyle, but it is so much more. Kohl’s Active & Wellness partner, mindbodygreen shares a commitment to overall health and well-being, which for mindbodygreen founders, incorporates mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental wellness.

As part of Kohl’s Offline speaker series, Jason Wachob, Founder and CEO of mindbodygreen and Colleen Wachob, Chief Brand Officer for mindbodygreen, talked with Kohl’s associates about their brand, their partnership with Kohl’s, how to grow a “wellth” account, top wellness trends and more.

While they were at Kohl's, we took time to chat with Jason and Colleen.

Kohl’s: What inspired the creation of mindbodygreen?

JW: My journey to wellness began in my early career as a trader on Wall Street, where I was feeling spiritually unfulfilled. I left Wall Street and started my own organic cookie startup. It was then that I realized consuming natural products was an important part of well-being. But, having a startup meant I was traveling a lot, and air travel — combined with a few other things contributed to developing a back injury. The first doctor I visited recommended surgery, but I sought a second opinion, where I was told that yoga may be a way to avoid surgery. Yoga ended up curing my back pain and through this experience, I realized that a key to well-being was having a spiritual and breathing practice, such as yoga, combined with movement and eating a natural diet. I coined this philosophy mindbodygreen.

Kohl’s: What will followers find on mindbodygreen?

JW: Mindbodygreen is a media and lifestyle brand where followers can learn how to live their best lives through mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental well-being. Content on the site focuses on those interconnected ideas and will allow followers to live a life with greater meaning, connection, fulfillment and purpose.

Kohl’s: Tell us about mindbodygreen’s partnership with Kohl’s.

JW: Kohl’s focus on Active and Wellness for both customers and associates aligns well with mindbodygreen. Through the partnership between mindbodygreen and Kohl’s, Kohl's engages influencers to create unique social content for their personal networks, as well as author content featuring Kohl's Active & Wellness products for the mindbodygreen digital site.

Kohl’s: What is your book “Wellth” about?

JW: “Wellth” teaches readers that it is more important to build “wellth” than wealth, an idea that redefines successful living. In the book, I encourage readers to build a life focused on balance and make frequent deposits into their “wellth” accounts. By focusing on “wellth,” readers will lead a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health and joy.

Kohl’s: What are the top wellness lifestyle trends that you have seen in your research?

CW: There are so many factors that contribute to overall well-being. Our society has become very busy. Balance and taking a few moments out of each day to focus of yourself are very important. People also want to make sure that they have accessibility to wellness, which includes having accurate information about how to live well. We have also seen that many people are conscious of the environment, spending more time outdoors and seeking products from companies that protect and conserve the planet.

Kohl’s: What about wellness trends regarding what we put in our bodies?

CW: Our research shows that people are becoming more concerned with what they consume. Tea drinking is on the rise and we have found that people are more conscious of what they are adding to their coffee. Juices and smoothies are also very popular and have allowed beverage brands to get creative with their recipes. Supplement use has also increased, as consumers realize that they are just as beneficial for mental health as they are for physical health.

Kohl’s: Do you have any tips for living a fulfilled life?

JW and CW: There isn’t a one size fits all approach to living a fulfilled life. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone, and to live your best life, you need to be excited about what you’re doing.