The Four Technologies to Know: New Uses For Your Mobile Device


Kohl’s technology investments support our focus on innovation and setting the path for long-term growth in an ever-evolving retail world. Our video series, The Four Technologies to Know, highlights Kohl’s investment strategy of building and leveraging new technologies for the future of our company targeting four key initiatives: the Cloud, artificial intelligence, automation and mobile.

With more than 21 million downloads and counting, it’s no secret our customers love the Kohl’s App. The ability to shop and conveniently store and apply Kohl’s offers, Kohl’s Cash and more, all in one place, is just one way Kohl’s is leveraging mobile technology to provide a more connected experience to our customers. Watch the video below to learn more about the many ways Kohl’s is using mobile technology.

Kohl’s has laid out a three-year roadmap to invest in new technologies including the Cloud, artificial intelligence, automation and mobile. These technologies will further Kohl’s goal of reducing operating costs, supporting our long-term growth for the future and creating an evolving, seamless omnichannel experience to meet the needs of our customers.