The Four Technologies to Know: Kohl’s is Leveraging Automation to Elevate the Customer Experience


Kohl’s technology investments support our focus on innovation and setting the path for long-term growth in an ever-evolving retail world. Our video series, The Four Technologies to Know, highlights Kohl’s investment strategy of building and leveraging new technologies for the future of our company targeting four key initiatives: the Cloud, artificial intelligence, automation and mobile.

Kohl’s investment in automation technology — which uses machinery and computers to help perform tasks — has enabled significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of our business operations. Most notably, the use of automation informed the creation of Kohl’s next-generation e-commerce fulfillment center with state-of-the-art equipment to pick, move and ship products to our customers faster. At the store level, we’re exploring self-checkout devices and store-based robotics to elevate the customer experience, along with predictive technology to quickly solve technology issues for associates. Watch the video below to learn more about how Kohl’s is using automation technology.

Click to learn more about Kohl’s investments in Cloud and Artificial Intelligence. Watch for the last installment of The Four Technologies to Know, focusing on mobile, coming soon.