Rewards Are Trending at Kohl’s


In celebration of Rewarding the Everyday, Kohl’s took to social media to reward customers, fans and families across the country with a real-life surprise — and the incredible response had Kohl’s trending on Twitter!

Earlier this month, Kohl’s officially launched Rewarding the Everyday, our new brand positioning that strengthens the connection between our purpose — to inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives, and the pillars of the Greatness Agenda — the products and services we provide. While our reputation for rewarding has always been part of who we are as a company, Kohl’s is continuing this mission by creating fun and unique ways to reward customers throughout the nation.

To celebrate Rewarding the Everyday, Kohl’s asked social media fans to share what makes them feel rewarded using the hashtag #LoveKohls. We surprised 6,000 respondents with something special from Kohl’s delivered right to their door (with 1,000 of the products being hand-delivered within two hours!). Thanks to our customers, more than 48,000 people used #LoveKohls in just one day, resulting in its rise on March 5 to the second highest trending hashtag on Twitter.

We also paired up with vloggers Ellie and Jared Mecham and The Ohana Adventure, who hand-delivered products directly to a few of their top fans. The Mechams took to Salt Lake City, while The Ohana Adventure family was busy distributing Kohl’s surprises in Los Angeles. Watch the videos below to see how Kohl’s, in partnership with the Mechams and The Ohana Adventure, made life more rewarding for a few unsuspecting families.