Kohl’s Associates Making Masks to Make a Difference


Kohl’s associates have a passion for giving back, and we celebrate associates who donate their time to make a difference. What began as a grassroots effort to produce masks during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into a passion project and a new way for Kohl’s Product Development associates to connect.

Kohl’s Product Development associates in Milwaukee and New York have used their sewing expertise to create nearly 700 homemade masks to donate to local hospitals, nonprofits and other frontline workers in need. Their goal is to create 1,500 masks in total. Apart from supporting communities, the project has allowed the team to spend quality time with their immediate families. Many associates’ children have helped create masks, and the team has been proud to teach their children the value of giving back.

“It's always exciting to utilize our special talents to benefit others,” said Christy Free, VP, Technical Design. “In the face of this pandemic, it’s important to help our community and healthcare workers stay healthy. I knew this project could make an immediate impact for our local healthcare workers, and to me, it's been a way to cope and stay positive while navigating through COVID-19.” 

“Creating face masks during this time allowed me to feel like I’m helping others on a personal level during this pandemic,” said Michal Sedivy, Kohl’s Director of Technical Design.

For more information about how Kohl’s associates give back to their communities, check out Kohl’s 2019 CSR Report, available now on Corporate.Kohls.com.