Kohl’s Empowers Customers to Shop More Sustainably


New Icon System Highlights Sustainable Attributes within Kohl’s Apparel and Products

As consumers look to make a smaller impact on the environment, the demand for sustainable products and business practices has never been higher. Kohl’s has been meeting this evolving demand by increasing its investments in environmentally-friendly methods, brands and products, and recently debuted a new icon system to highlight sustainable attributes within its merchandise and help customers shop more sustainably.

Through enhanced sustainability efforts, Kohl’s aims to empower and inspire customers to make more sustainable shopping choices for a healthier future. The new sustainability icon system also highlights how customers can incorporate sustainable products into their everyday lives and shows how sustainability can be as easy as making small swaps to their favorite products.

This icon system shows what sustainable attributes mean and what impacts they have on the environment. Appearing in social, Kohls.com, packaging and in-store signage, the system makes it easy for shoppers to identify and understand the sustainable methods and materials used in Kohl’s merchandise.

Sustainability at Kohl’s 
Kohl’s believes that incorporating sustainable solutions in the way it does business will help build better futures for families. With such a large retail footprint, Kohl’s is in a unique position to make resounding impacts on the planet and has set goals to ensure that impact is positive. Kohl’s sustainability strategy is guided by leveraging business practices and decisions that enhance the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

As part of its 2025 sustainability goals, Kohl’s aims to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Kohl’s owned operations by 50% 
  • Further reduce energy consumption by 10% at Kohl’s facilities
  • Expand renewable energy platforms by building off the company’s existing 161 solar and wind locations
  • Support the transition to a low-carbon transportation system, building off of the company’s existing 96 locations offering electrical vehicle charging. 

Kohl’s is executing on these goals and has even been recently recognized as a global leader in sustainability as part of S&P’s Global Sustainability Yearbook. To learn more about Kohl’s sustainability and broader ESG efforts, visit Kohl’s newly released 2020 ESG Report.