Kohl’s Celebrates Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


This Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, Kohl’s is proud to recognize the history, culture and achievements of AANHPI Americans. This year, we collaborated with two AANHPI artists to design and develop a wide-ranging product assortment that embraces self-advocacy. We’re also sharing uplifting stories from our AANHPI associates and offering resources to support our customers and communities.

“AANHPI Heritage Month is a time for us to honor the AANHPI community's contributions to our country's history, achievements and culture,” said Michelle A. Banks, Kohl’s chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer. “Ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment for Kohl’s associates is a top priority, so we are dedicated to advancing discussions that matter most to AANHPI communities. We look forward to celebrating the AANHPI community, offering ongoing opportunities for growth for our associates and showcasing culture through art in our communities nationwide.”

Kohl’s Spotlight Collection
Kohl’s exclusive Sonoma Community spotlight collection concept was 100% designed by AANHPI artists. Kohl’s Diversity Design Council collaborated with Milwaukee-based artist, Emma Daisy and Interdisciplinary artist, Shyama Kuver to offer an assortment of graphic tops, plush throws, pillows, candles, and more. The collection is available online at Kohls.com and in 300 stores nationwide. 

“It is important for Kohl’s to stay authentic to our initiatives of diversity, equity and inclusion, and making sure that we have artists from the community is a step in that direction,” said Alia Schultz, Kohl’s designer and Asian Pacific Business Resource Group Chapter Leader. “These AANHPI artists and designers draw inspiration and influence from their culture, heritage and lived experiences and being able to give them a national platform through our website and Kohl’s is such an honor.” 

Check out a few items from the collection below: 

Meet Emma Daisy, Milwaukee Muralists 

Emma Daisy is a Milwaukee-based visual artist and muralist, known for her vibrant use of color, plants, and figural imagery.  Much of her current work is an ongoing narrative exploring the in-between spaces of identity, acceptance, and belonging - influenced by her experience growing up as a Korean adoptee.  Her work also draws from her experience and education in fashion design, community arts, and cultural development. 

“My hope is that folks come away with the same feeling as all of my art intends to accomplish, which is to instill hope and spread joy. Without ignoring the difficult conversations or diminishing the challenge and struggles that our society faces, my art is meant to uplift, focus on our commonalities, connections and shared human experiences. I hope this collaboration makes people feel joyful, connected and allow other AANHPIs, especially young people, to feel seen or inspired. And to serve as a reminder that transformative spaces can look different and come in many shapes and sizes. There is depth in beauty when its intent goes beyond just simply being beautiful. Just as joy is in fact one of the most vulnerable emotions we can feel.” - Emma Daisy 

Explore Emma’s collection here

Meet Shyama Kuver, Interdisciplinary Artist

Shyama Kuver’s artistic practice is inspired by her queer and Indo-Fijian identities, a deep love for speculative fictions, and growing up in pre-tech San Francisco. From a young age, art was a place for exploration in her search for a sense of belonging.  Without a solid national, racial, or ethnic identity, and a complicated (mis)understanding of motherland monoliths, her artistic style speaks to the multicultural, spiritual, and experiential contexts that have shaped her life and career. 

“The community I come from is fairly small in numbers, especially in the U.S. I hope people see the importance and beauty of all communities - big and small, as well as the beauty in honoring one another's histories and investing in one another's successes. Honoring these histories, complexities, and successes in others is also honoring them within ourselves because we are all connected.”
- Shyama Kuver 

Explore Shyama’s collection here

Empowering the Next Generation
This AANHPI Heritage Month, Kohl’s is proud to donate $100,000 to Alliance for a Healthier Generation to support Asian American and Pacific Islander health equity champions and to develop resources that support the health and well-being of Asian American and Pacific Islander families. Alliance for a Healthier Generation has been one of Kohl’s national partners since 2019. Learn more at KohlsHealthyAtHome.org.

Celebrating Together with our Asian Pacific Business Resource Group
In the coming weeks, our Asian Pacific Business Resource Group (AP BRG) will help AANHPI associates celebrate diverse cultures, provide opportunities for growth and change and foster a feeling of community and belonging for members and allies. The group will kick off the month with career development opportunities to help invest in associates’ professional development. The AP BRG will also host a guided Tea Tasting, participate in a mental health session with Kohl’s hometown partner with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Southeast Wisconsin, as well as enjoy a panel discussion between Kohl’s Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Michelle A. Banks and Asian American fashion designer Vera Wang. 

Tune in to Life at Kohl’s Instagram for more throughout AANHPI Heritage Month and all year long.