Cara Santana Brings Her Style to Limited-time Apt. 9 Collection


Kohl’s announces a new Apt. 9 apparel collection designed by style-expert Cara Santana, available for a limited-time in stores and on beginning October 7

Kohl’s is excited to announce a new, limited-time apparel collaboration between style expert and influencer Cara Santana and Kohl’s private label brand Apt. 9. As a lifelong fan and shopper of Kohl’s, Cara was excited to team up with Kohl’s to create her own capsule collection that brings confidence and runway style to everyday wardrobes. The collection, launching Oct. 7, will include blazers, sweaters, pants, skirts, outerwear and more — all available in sizes 00 to 22.

We sat down with Cara to get the inside scoop on her new collection and the inspiration behind it!

What led you to create this collection?
As a young girl, my love for fashion and self-expression came from my ability to communicate who I was by what I wore. Growing up in El Paso Texas, I was limited in my ability to find fashion that reflected my personal style. However, my mom would take me to Kohl’s and that was where my love of fashion grew. It was the first place that I was really able to experiment with the way I dressed. I found that there weren’t a lot of options for the everyday girl, and I wanted to ensure that style and luxury were not mutually exclusive. When the idea to create my own collection became a conversation, I knew the only place I wanted to do it would be at the place where I first learned how to look and feel my best, which was at Kohl’s.

Why did you want to partner with Kohl’s?
Kohl’s for me was really a playground for the exploration of my personal style, and it was also the place where my mom and I bonded over shopping and girl time. It felt like the most natural place for my collection, and I really couldn’t imagine partnering with any other retailer. When I think of the Kohl’s girl I think of every girl, and I feel like every girl should have the opportunity to be confident and comfortable in the way they look.

What was it like working with Kohl’s team to bring your collection to life?
The Kohl’s team could not have been a better partner. From the inception of the line to the creation of the campaign, they supported every element of my idea. I felt like my vision was heard, my ideas were trusted, and I really had the liberty to create a collection that was fully me and a campaign that represent what I am all about.

How did the Apt. 9 brand influence your collection?
Apt. 9 is a staple of Kohl’s. Whether you’re a young girl getting your fashion wings, a new working professional on the job, or even a grown woman (like my mom), Apt. 9 offers something for everyone. The clothes are modern, functional, and fashionable. I really thought about the women in my life and the women I was creating for and tried to ensure that everyone was represented.

Do you have a favorite look or piece from the collection?
A favorite look for my collection!? That’s like picking a favorite child! I love every piece so much! Each piece represents a different personality trait of mine and the needs that I have when I’m getting dressed, and there is no way I could pick just one favorite. I hope everyone feels the same!