Electric Vehicle Charging Offers an Easy Experience for Customers


Kohl’s offers 210 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in 22 states, creating an easy experience for our customers to charge their cars while they shop.

Kohl’s installed its first EV station at the Franklin, Tenn. store in 2011. Since then, Kohl’s fleet of charging stations has increased to 210 to keep up with demand from interested customers. The EV stations support Kohl’s commitment to being a company that provides sustainable solutions throughout its operations, as well as engaging its customers and associates.

In fall 2018, Kohl’s will install its first DC Fast Chargers at the Palm Desert, Beaumont and Gilroy stores in California. These new EV chargers will decrease the amount of time for a full charge from three to four hours down to 30-45 minutes. With most drivers plugging in for an average of 90 minutes, customers will have the added convenience of a fully-charged car while shopping for their favorite Kohl’s brands!

Additionally, as a perk for our associates, Kohl’s offers free EV charging at our stores and at the Corporate Office, Photo Studio and Milwaukee, Wis. and Dallas, Tex. Credit Center locations. This service is particularly well-utilized at the Kohl’s Innovation Center in Menomonee Falls, Wis. with an 80%+ average utilization rate.

Kohl's commitment to sustainable solutions is integral to our efforts to have a positive social impact. Learn more about our commitment at Kohls.com/Sustainability. By leaving a smaller footprint on our world today, we'll create a more sustainable tomorrow for our associates, customers and their families.

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