Kohl’s Announces New Solar Initiatives in 2022


The future is getting brighter in 2022, keep your eyes peeled

Kohl’s is committed to incorporating climate emissions reduction efforts in the way we do business to help build better futures for families. To that end, our solar energy technology continues to evolve, resulting in not only renewable energy but more efficient energy. 

Kohl’s Renewable Energy Program
In 2007, Kohl’s started out with about 38,000 solar panels on the rooftops of 19 California stores. Today, we currently host 163 rooftop solar arrays around the country, totaling more than 200,000 solar panels, including two large Solar Trees at Kohl’s corporate headquarters. Standing firm in our climate emissions reduction efforts, Kohl’s ranked as one of the Top 25 Corporate Users by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) for our continued prioritization of on-site solar installations. 

Building on this momentum, we are excited to announce that Kohl’s is launching a program to equip 15 of our rooftops across Arizona and Illinois with solar arrays within the next year, bringing the location total to 178. The 15 new projects will increase Kohl's Installed Solar Capacity by 10.4%, to a total of  56.97 megawatts (MW). The solar energy generated from these new systems is the equivalent to the amount of electricity used to power 924 homes annually. On average, systems will provide 75% of each store’s electricity needs. Relative to each state, 11% of Kohl’s Illinois operational electricity usage and 9% Arizona operational electricity usage will come directly from solar.

Further bolstering Kohl’s presence in renewables and commitment to sustainability, the company is contracting to support the development of 23.4 MW of community solar projects across New York in 2022. Continuing to grow in scale and popularity, Community Solar will enable Kohl’s to help spur the development of localized renewable energy. Kohl’s will subscribe to a share of four community solar projects that will generate clean, renewable energy and provide economic and environmental benefits to local area residents. The projects will also provide energy credits to 18 Kohl’s store locations throughout New York, contributing to our overarching climate goals.

“As Kohl’s advances in expanding our renewable energy footprint, we are excited to begin developing the solar arrays across Arizona and Illinois, while also supporting the New York Community Solar Program,” said Steve Thomas, Kohl’s executive vice president, chief risk & compliance officer. “These projects are fully aligned with Kohl’s mission to leverage sustainable initiatives that empower the company, the climate as well as our customers.” 

Further showcasing our historical commitment to this pledge, Kohl’s signed the American Business Act Pledge on Climate Change back in 2015, building on our support for action on climate change and the Paris Agreement. Additional information about Kohl’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts and commitment to sustainability can be found on our corporate website, Corporate.Kohls.com.