Women Woven In The Fabric at Kohl’s


Kohl’s celebrates women-owned and founded brands across Kohl’s product portfolio during Women’s History Month.

Kohl’s is taking time to celebrate women in all ways throughout Women’s History Month. Today, we are proud to put the spotlight on women-owned and founded brands Kohl’s has the privilege to partner with across our portfolio of private, exclusive and national brands. While these partnerships vary in scale throughout the business, each possesses the powerful and unique strength of women in leadership forged by all women throughout history. 

Partnering with women-owned and founded brands is just one way Kohl’s is investing in our Pledge for Progress to increase the representation, equity and economic empowerment of women. In addition to the women-owned and founded brands Kohl’s partners with, more than 70% of Kohl’s customers are women, so it’s no surprise that celebrating women’s empowerment is embedded in how and why we do business.

Simply Vera Vera Wang + LC Lauren Conrad 
Our women’s business is fueled by a strong portfolio of proprietary brands that offer an assortment of products designed to recognize all that women do every single day, and inspire them to celebrate all the important women in their life. Simply Vera Vera Wang and LC Lauren Conrad are just two of the long-standing womens brands beloved by Kohl’s customers for every stage of life. 

Growing Women’s Brands Through Curated by Kohl’s + Wellness Market at Kohl’s 
Kohl’s customers can discover women-owned and founded brands by shopping Kohl’s Wellness Market and Curated by Kohl’s. Kohl’s Wellness Market and Curated by Kohl’s are shop-in-shop experiences, featuring a rotating set of emerging brands and selection of brands focused on health and wellness, many of which are founded and/or owned by women. Women-founded businesses part of Kohl’s Wellness Market include Hello Bello, The Honest Company, Frida Baby, Oars + Alps, Mixed Chicks, and Rael. Curated by Kohl’s has helped to grow the reach of women-founded brands including Aya Paper Co., Create & Cultivate, Human Nation, Pretty Please Teethers’, and People of Color.

Beauty Business Strengthened by Women 
Beauty is a critical part of the business’s long-term growth strategy, strengthened by the many women-owned beauty brands our customers love, including Asutra, Da Bomb, Hair Yum, and Rucker Roots, among others.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 
Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, Kohl’s hosted an Instagram Live Panel to foster a conversation around women’s empowerment with a group of influential women associated with Kohl’s entrepreneurs, brand founders and influencers including, Jaclyn Johnson from Create & Cultivate; Savonne Anderson from Aya Paper Co; Jacqueline Carrington from People of Color; and Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion Blog. The conversation led by Jaclyn Johnson touched on a range of topics including founding and growing their respective brands, female empowerment and inspiration, and juggling the many hats women wear. A stream of the panel is available via Kohl’s Instagram.

Kohl’s is further celebrating Women’s History Month with a spotlight collection featuring an assortment of products with designs and messages that recognize prominent women throughout history and feature inspirational and empowering messages. Kohl’s is also donating $100,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s SMART Girls program. Additional information can be found here.