Kohl’s Achieves Climate Reduction Goal Four Years Ahead of Schedule


Kohl’s makes progress on 2025 sustainability goals; outlines plans to continue its work in the areas of environmental sustainability

Last month, Kohl’s released its 2021 Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report detailing the company’s progress in these areas. As one of its key focus areas, Kohl’s believes that incorporating sustainable solutions in the way the company does business will help to build better futures for families – this includes doing its part to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions. Today, the company is proud to announce that Kohl’s has achieved a total of 50% reduction in its scope 1 and 2 emissions based on a 2014 baseline, achieving its climate reduction goal four years ahead of schedule.

2025 Goals and Progress
In addition to setting and achieving its goal to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions, Kohl’s has set other significant goals in the areas of climate change, waste and recycling and sustainable sourcing. Highlights from this year include:

In November 2021, Kohl’s was also one of the first companies to join the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge, strengthening Kohl’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a partner in the challenge, Kohl’s plans to share its carbon reduction progress and strategies to help other organizations leverage our learnings while also establishing a goal of reaching net zero by at least 2050. 

A Look Ahead
While significant progress has been made in Kohl’s environmental sustainability goals, more work is underway to continue to track towards – and surpass – these milestones. 

One way Kohl’s doing this is by aiding in the transition to low carbon transportation by increasing the number of Electric Vehicle charging stations. The company currently has 325 stations and will be adding 200 new stations this year, along with 400 in 2023 to total over 1,000 electrical vehicle charging stations around the country. These stations provide more than 100,000 charging sessions per year to Kohl’s customers and associates. By supporting electrical vehicle owners, the charging Kohl's provides more than 800,000 miles of driving and saves more than 36,000 gallons of gasoline annually.

Additionally, Kohl’s is expanding its solar program, beginning construction on 15 new solar locations this year. Currently, more than 6% of the electricity Kohl’s uses to power its business comes from renewable sources. Many Kohl’s locations get up to 50% of their energy from solar. The additional 15 new solar projects will increase Kohl’s installed Solar Capacity by 10.4%, to a total of 56.97 megawatts.

Kohl’s is also continuing to update stores with energy-saving LED lighting. Kohl’s is committing to update all stores with LED lighting by 2025. This initiative will deliver at least a 20% reduction in scope 2 emissions.

Check out Kohl’s environmental sustainability page on Kohl’s corporate website to see the latest awards, recognitions and updates on the company’s sustainability progress.