Black History Month at Kohl’s: Diversity Design Council Shares Inspiration Behind Spotlight Collection


Kohl’s associate members of its Diversity Design Council talk about their inspiration and roles in creating Kohl’s Black History Month Spotlight Collection

At Kohl's, we believe there’s strength in diversity, which is why a celebration of one is a celebration for all. This month, we're proud to celebrate Black History Month and the many achievements of African Americans that have enriched our community, our culture and our lives. In celebration, Kohl’s is launching a Black History Month Spotlight Collection, which offers an assortment of products with designs and messages that celebrate Black culture and history, unity and allyship, kindness, and hope. The collection was created by Kohl’s in-house Diversity Design Council, a group of associates that work together to develop, purchase and curate products that reflect diversity.

“Our goal at Kohl’s is to serve all families, and families come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and we want all customers to truly feel like they belong at Kohl’s,” said Katherine Finder, Kohl’s SVP of product design and leader of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council. We have a lot of diverse perspectives across the incredibly talented team that makes up Kohl’s design community. To create the products that will resonate with diverse customers, this merchandise really needs to come from an authentic place throughout the entire design cycle from inspiration to execution, which is exactly what the Diversity Design Council is all about.”

“More than ever, I have felt this incredible drive to do something, and when I look at Kohl's and I think about its reach of more than 1,100 stores and the passion that our customers have for the brand, I know that we can make incredible change,” said Garland, a Kohl’s art manager and member of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council. “I really wanted to see diversity and inclusion reflected in our products, and I wanted our customers to also see that. We're celebrating our differences, and we hope also to bring products to our customers that also celebrate their differences.” 

We recently spoke with Kohl’s associates who are members of Kohl’s Diversity Design Council, including Katherine and Garland, to learn about their inspiration behind the Black History Month Spotlight Collection. Check out the video below to hear why the collection is so special to the designers and to Kohl’s. 

Also in celebration of Black History Month, Kohl’s recently announced it is partnering with black-founded and black-owned businesses to bring one-of-a-kind, diverse assortments to our shoppers through Curated by Kohl’s and Kohl’s Wellness MarketClick here to learn more about these partnerships. 

To learn more about Kohl’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, with a focus on Our People, Our Customers, and Our Community, visit