Kohl’s Associates Give Back through the Kohl's Cares Volunteer Program

Corporate Responsibility


At Kohl’s, we celebrate associates who donate their time to making a difference. Through the Kohl’s Cares Volunteer Program, when associates volunteer their time to eligible charities, a donation is made to the nonprofit, amplifying the impact of their service.

The complete Volunteer Guidelines for Nonprofits are available here.

Volunteer Program Highlights

  • For every volunteer hour tracked by each associate, Kohl’s Cares will make a donation of $25 to the qualfying nonprofit organization.

  • Since the Kohl's Cares Volunteer Program's inception in 2001, our company has donated more than $190 million in rewards by more than 5.7 million hours to nonprofits across the country.

Nonprofit Organization Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

  • United States based nonprofit public charities that maintain a current tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or other qualifying nonprofit organizations and are registered and active in the Benevity Causes Portal.

Ineligible Nonprofits

  • Organizations that engage in political activities.
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age,
    or any other legally protected characteristic or class.
  • Organizations that do not follow the Business Partner Code of Conduct or do not align with Kohl’s overarching mission of giving back to our communities, as determined by Kohl’s.
  • Organizations for which its tax-exempt status has been revoked by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Organizations that intend to use Kohl’s donation for a purpose other than its charitable cause. 

Registering Your Nonprofit

In order to participate in the Kohl’s Cares Volunteer Program, eligible nonprofits must register through the Benevity Causes Portal. Click here for instructions on how to register your nonprofit.

Volunteer Events

Creating Volunteer Events

Click here for information on how to create a volunteer event for Kohl's associates. 

When creating a volunteer opportunity in the Benevity Causes Portal, the nonprofit will see the option to make the event private or public. Choose “private” and enter the share key to submit volunteer opportunities for Kohl’s associates. 

Kohl’s cannot guarantee availability of Kohl's volunteers for each event(s).

Volunteer Event Criteria

The complete Volunteer Guidelines for Nonprofits are available here. This includes details on eligible and ineligible volunteer events.


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