Responsible Sourcing

Corporate Responsibility

Abiding Practices

Doing business with us means abiding by all of the laws that govern our industry. We require our merchandise partners to adhere to laws and treaties, both domestic and international. We enforce compliance with independent, professional third parties, and diligently monitor our supply chain.

To manage industry trends and consumer demands, we continue to implement policies and programs into our supply chain to help ensure that our human rights commitments are met. In the past several years, we have taken steps to consolidate our vendor and facility base so that we partner more closely with like-minded vendors and facilities regarding the commitment to human rights and fair, safe working conditions. Vendor and facility compliance with our Terms of Engagement is a critical factor in determining whether or not the production of our proprietary goods may be placed at a facility. We review production capacities and working conditions prior to placing production in order to support our commitment to human rights.

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