Take a Virtual Tour of Kohl’s Smallest Store


As part of Kohl’s omnichannel strategy, the company is focused on amplifying the role and relevancy of our stores. Kohl's will continue to invest in our existing store base by enhancing and evolving the experience in our stores across the country and reimagining how some of our stores could operate with less square footage.

By leveraging technology and effective inventory management, we've learned that we can provide the same great Kohl's experience with less inventory and fewer fixtures of product in some locations. We call this "standard-to-small" -- essentially operating our stores in a way that requires less product and space.

For stores that are operating as "standard-to-small" locations, Kohl's has the option to shrink the physical square footage of the store by about 30 percent and build a wall, creating open space of approximately 25,000 square feet, to lease or sell to another complimentary retailer.

Small Format S​tores
Kohl’s newest stores are smaller than ever but still provide the amazing products, incredible value and easy experience that customers love. The company has opened 12 stores in the past two years in both big and small markets that are just 35,000 square-feet – that’s 60% smaller than Kohl’s average store size.  

"We have a really big idea with Kohl's smallest format store," said Kevin Mansell, Kohl's chairman, chief executive officer and president. "The format is much more efficient and gives us a massive amount of flexibility to meet the needs of our customers in small and large markets."

Kohl’s smallest stores are built to be flexible and efficient. Through technology and insights, Kohl’s can customize an individual store for the local area it serves and ensure it’s well stocked and has the merchandise customers want. These small stores also provide a blueprint for Kohl’s to continue to identify operational improvements that can be transferred to larger format stores.

Take a virtual tour of Kohl’s 35,000 square-foot store in Marshfield, Wis. here!